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Love doesnt not equal <3

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Jan. 12th, 2006 | 01:18 am

Why is it that we associate love with our hearts as though they are some how connected. After all, love is what? An emotion/feeling...whatever you wanna call it. And emotions are what? Thoughts. And where do thoughts come from. Not our hearts. Our heart it a big muscle in our chest with the sole purpose of keeping us alive by pumping blood and oxygen thoughout our bodies. (I think anyway. I am med student.) So today we learned that love for someone has absolutly nothing to do with our hearts and we dont carry any thing or one with us in our hearts once they depart.

                                        Love     =     Emotion/Feeling

Emotion/Feeling     =     Thought 
                               (comes from)
                 Thought     =     Brain 

                        (tie it all together)

               Brain  =   Love



                       Love does not equal Image Preview

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